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This course offers a deep insight into trade finance and the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


Part 1: Understanding Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

  • Introduction: BitCoin Craze 2.0. Market Overview. The shift from crypto currencies to digital asset investments.
  • The cryptographic hash function at the core of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain consensus methods, proof of work and mining explained.
  • How smart contracts work.
  • Is crypto currency safe? Safety is relative!

Part 2: Are Crypto Currencies Money?

  • Crypto currency as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, as a numéraire. Failure on all fronts.
  • USD stable coins – unregulated fractional reserve banking?
  • What makes crypto so attractive for vulnerable developing markets – All the wrong reasons.
  • The case of Venezuela: Petro. El Salvador: BitCoin as legal tender.
  • Central bank digital currency projects: digital CNY, RUB, EUR – now that’s different.

Part 3: The Digital Asset Market

  • Cryptocurrency market capitalization. – A questionable concept.
  • Crypto exchanges, crypto derivatives, crypto EFTs – Madness on stilts.
  • Recent developments in crypto market regulation and taxation.
  • Non-fungible tokens. – It’s all funny money anyway.
  • Trading and settlement in tokenized equity shares.
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – Going back to the strange world of crypto trading, online gaming and avatars.

Part 4: Crypto and Blockchain Use Cases in Trade Finance

  • Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs) and other pre-blockchain trade finance innovations.
  • Digital certificates of origin or fair trade / organic quality certificates on the blockchain.
  • BM Blockchain and
  • Supply chain integration and the compliance monster – the real enemies of banks’ trade finance offering.


Dr. Joachim Bald

Doctorate in economics

US Certified Management Accountant

Frankfurt School’s most senior international advisor

Expert in Treasury, Risk and Asset Liability Management

Member of the Board of Directors at Bai Tushum Bank in Kyrgyzstan, at KMF in Kazakhstan and at FIDEF / EFA-Group in Singapore

worked at Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt and Deutsche Börse Systems, the IT division of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt and Chicago

Advisor of EIB, EBRD, KfW, African Development Bank, as well as at Cairo Amman, Etihad and Ahli Bank in Jordan, HKL and PRASAC in Cambodia, XacBank and Khan Bank in Mongolia and many more.



For more information contact:

Mohammad Mohammadi
+98 21 8879 5216

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