Various crisis of recent decays, has proven the importance and the significant role of the Iranian banking units in Europe. The crisis has shown that with complete clarity, the Iranian banking units in Europe have always conducted referral transactions, by  applying their legal facilities and observing international banking rules and regulations. This has made to develop Associations of  Iranian Banks in Europe (AIBE). The formalities and legal procedures of the mentioned association have been fully accomplished  and the Association of Iranian Banks in Europe, formed in November 2017 in Frankfurt. This Association is an independent institution, registered in Germany and subject to the laws and regulations of the said country.

  • Industries, Business and Banking communities’ relation

  • Government and Supervisory Authorities Relation

  • International Trade and Project Finance

  • Integrity and accountability

  • Trust

  • Fairness

  • Progressive

  • Innovation

  • Team work and collaboration

  • Social responsibility

  • Sustainability