Dear Members,
Dear friends of our Association,

I am very pleased to inform you that The Association of Iranian Banks in Europe has come to existence officially at Frankfurt center. This Association is an independent institute that is governed by the rules and regulations of Germany. By the development of the Association, another voice and arm is appearing in such critical circumstance that its main target is paving the way for the promotion, consolidation and development of a stable historical banking and commercial relationship with the European banks and business partners. Though there are numerous problems, obstacles and restrictions ahead, yet the Association will continue its way forward by the support of its members. The delegation of the European in 7th Banking and Business Forum Iran Europe, held in October 18 and 19, 2018 by Maleki Corporate Group in Berlin, all repeatedly emphasized honestly on their adherence to and support of the JCPOA, although did not disclose the executive details of their supplementory package that is going to be applied after the second phase of the US sanctions.
Considering the current situation and the mid-term perspective, we believe that the Association will take effective steps and will always feel responsible for the promotion of the banking system of the country. On behalf of the managing board of the Association of Iranian Banks in Europe, I have this duty to show my deepest gratitude to all the members, who have supported the Association by their membership, trust and good cooperation. This is always a target for the Association to continue the challenges in order to remain as a trustworthy partner.

Sincerely yours,
Siavosh Naghshineh
Chairman of the Board

AIBE chairman - Siavosh Naghshineh